Mehmet Polat Trio


This music is much more than a meeting of Turkish and West African musical styles. There is a poetic eloquence here that compels the listener to respond in a visceral and emotional manner. It is music that gently demands deep listening, and inspires introspection and the unveiling of new insights. - Doobeedoobeedoo, NYC

- Listening to the combination of ūd, kora and ney on "Next Spring" we hear a supreme upbeat to a new summer. It is a contemplative album where warmth lingers on every track. The music can be sweltering and hot, and then along comes a cool breeze, perfectly dosed amid the undulating dynamics of the album. -, Netherlands

-   Little miracles emerge with the kora's serenity, peacefulness and softness, the light breeze of the ney and the evocation of the wind that gives one a sense of freedom. -, France

-   A true virtuoso and in music he is an example of the 21st century's open minded, innovative and cooperative musician type. - Andante, Turkey

-   Mehmet Polat's playing is more than a musical journey to the inner soul, it's a story without end that can infinitely revolve around you. In this emotional age, Mehmet's ud brings you that relaxing peace of mind we have long forgotten. - Studio Globe Worldmusic, Netherlands

-   With his high sensibility and distinguished technique, Mehmet Polat was able to bring out the beauty of his ud and its oriental character, by translating his feelings in each note while respecting the general ambiance of the concert and the general identity of the band. - AlRai, Jordan