Mehmet Polat Trio


The instrumentation of the trio is unique. All the more surprising how coherent the merging of oriental and West African traditions sounds. - Jazzthetik, Germany
Polat's oud and Diarra's kora have this amazing blend, the sound of each instrument complementing each other seamlessly while Arat weaves around the melodies. The music is very soothing, and the musicians' expertise is unquestionable. - Music Whatever, USA

Most of the tunes are of essential beauty and of poetical eloquence, it demands a deep listening and suits meditation perfectly. - Concerto Magazine, Austria
Mehmet's oud is perhaps the most cosmopolitan, world-citizen-like, boundless oud you ever heard. Asia Minor meets Western Africa; and Mehmet, with his cello- and violin-influenced left-handed technique, lets the oud sound like an upright bass. - Jazzpodium, Germany
Music imbued with mysticism and spirit. Oscillating between contemplative and rhythmic, the trio spawns its individual magic. - Frankfurt Journal

It’s great music to study to—beautiful but unobtrusive, advanced and rich in mental stimulation without jumping up and down for your attention. Although the music is couched inside several very old musical traditions, the chemistry between these players and their respective traditions ensures the kind of call and response synergy that makes for some original sounds. - The Voice Magazine, Canada

This music is much more than a meeting of Turkish and West African musical styles. There is a poetic eloquence here that compels the listener to respond in a visceral and emotional manner. It is music that gently demands deep listening, and inspires introspection and the unveiling of new insights. - Doobeedoobeedoo, NYC

Listening to the combination of ūd, kora and ney on "Next Spring" we hear a supreme upbeat to a new summer. It is a contemplative album where warmth lingers on every track. The music can be sweltering and hot, and then along comes a cool breeze, perfectly dosed amid the undulating dynamics of the album. -, Netherlands

Little miracles emerge with the kora's serenity, peacefulness and softness, the light breeze of the ney and the evocation of the wind that gives one a sense of freedom. -, France

Mehmet Polat's playing is more than a musical journey to the inner soul, it's a story without end that can infinitely revolve around you. In this emotional age, Mehmet's ud brings you that relaxing peace of mind we have long forgotten. - Studio Globe Worldmusic, Netherlands